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Thread: Google buys Zagat

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    Google buys Zagat

    Google bolsters local with purchase of Zagat which provides authority reviews about restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.

    Read more: Official Google Blog: Google just got ZAGAT Rated!

  2. Interesting acquisition, I suspect that they're going to continue to buy more companies like this. They need more reviews in their Google Places, for example.
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    I wonder how many different review sites they will pick up in the future if this works for them?

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    Google has like 36 BILLION dollars OUTSIDE the USA.
    They got bucks to buy a lot of sites and businesses.

    Then the money in the what they got from their latest bond sale (believe that is it).
    Again, they can buy a lot of sites and businesses.

    Think about it.
    Why be a one horse show when you can expand?

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    Up until now it's fairly easy to rank for local businesess; i'm working at some sites to create leads. But, i've always been under the impression that Google is eating more and more out of local organic results.

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    I wonder how many different review sites. It is growing like baby plant to tree

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    Hopefully they turn it into something better than yelp!

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    I think google does this to stop new threats. Before this small site become their competitor Google offer big money and buys them.

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