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Thread: Google Grows Revenue and Profits

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    Google Grows Revenue and Profits

    Google earned $5.52B in revenue in the second quarter. Net income on that revenue was $1.48B. This is up from $1.25 in Q2 of 2008.

    More than half (53%) of Google revenue came from outside the U.S.

    Approximately one third of Google revenue came from AdSense, the other two thirds came from ad sales on Google's own web properties.

    Google is still holding $19.3B in cash and liquid assets.

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    Good, it looks like it's time for them to increase our payouts...

  3. I think now Google must provide google checkout system for adsense users and allow adsense users to withdraw $50 minimum to google checkouts . By this they can deduct liitle pennies like paypal do and I hope their profit will keep increasing with such schemes .

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