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With all this talk about long tails & hurting the little guys... what are the chances that we can expect to see some MAJOR tweakage in the search algorithms over the next several months to help organic searches?
I don't believe Google Instant is designed to hurt the "little guys". What happemed was that the changes to the Supplemental Index had unintended consequences which caused a shift from higher paying keywords to cheaper longtails. Google Instant is a fix but it doesn't mean that it will hurt the little guys.

The changes to the Supplemental Results resulted in Google "showing more by ensuring that every query is able to search the supplemental index". What Google Instant does is the recent Google Phrase Based Indexing and Retrieval Patent. Phrase based indexing is based upon clusters and phrases to display the order of the search result. The phrase based indexing system makes SEO more important and the content less so.

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What Mr G target is convert SEO user to Adword and gain popularity of ADWORD, if G can convert 10% of SEO user to ADWORD, i think google will be totally different now ...
I think that this is the opposite. SEO is more important to rank on the 3 word phrases.

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Impossible is nothing. (Adidas)
This is a good quote. The "big guys" are the 800 pound gorilla in the room. But it doesn't mean that you can't eat. Rather than fighting head on, look for the path of least resistance. Get to the bananas first or to the ones that they don't see. The jungle has plenty of monkeys. The small ones always find a way to thrive.