Google has unveiled another "beta" project, Google Internet Stats.

The pages are hosted, not at, but at The stats are a fairly random collection of trivial facts -- many of which don't seem very "Internet" related.
  • Energy bills increased by around 30% over 2008.
  • On January 26th 2009, more than 76,000 job cuts were announced worldwide in a single day.
  • On March 23rd 2009, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) predicted that global trade will plunge by 9% this year - the steepest drop since the second world war.
  • According to Nielsen, 67% of the global online population visited a "member community" site in Dec 2008.
  • Although men and women follow a similar number of Twitter users, men have 15% more followers than women.
  • 5% of all time online is spent on Facebook.
  • 34% of Brits spend a whole day trying to find the best holiday deal online.
  • Searches for mortgages decreased by 19% over the quarter.
  • Search made up 47% of online advertising in Western Europe in 2008.

There is even a button to submit your own stats. This could be fun to play with.