Google was built by the small business. To this day, most of their profits come from the aggregate of hundreds of thousands of small businesses that have small marketing budgets. Big businesses make up about 20% of their revenue. So given this, why on earth are they favoring big businesses, and screwing the little guy when it comes to organic search traffic? How are they doing this? By penalizing small businesses when they try to compete organically with the big guys.
Google is in control of over 60% of online e-commerce transactions. If you are not ranked on the first page of Google for your primary keywords, and you are a small business, you have little chance of being successful online. Without organic rankings, it will be near impossible to be profitable. The problem is, according to Google’s webmaster guidelines, you cannot really do anything that will give you a competitive edge over anyone. You are supposed to only do what is natural. “Build your site and your marketing campaign to the user, the rankings will come”. That is completely false, if you are a small business.
Google is Killing Small Businesses | News

You can agree or disagree, but I am one of them thinking that Google is killing small businesses to favor their crony corporations.

Remember what Eric Schmidt said:
"Brands are how you sort out the cesspool. Brand affinity is clearly hard wired. It is so fundamental to human existence that it's not going away. It must have a genetic component".