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Thread: Google to Launch a New Version of Google Search

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    I am seeing changes today. It is not in terms of SERPs, but in terms of looks and fonts.
    I was seeing some serp changes this morning. My site hit #1 but now it's do #9.

    The algo change will take some time to implement. They will need to rebuild the index on each data center. They may roll it out in phases. Christmas is just around the corner

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    Hey this is really a great news. Good for everyone that Google is set to release its new version of search engine but let us see how does it work? I hope it will be different. Thank you very much for sharing this link with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snak3 View Post
    I don't see any noticeable changes as of yet. You're referring to right? OR
    I've noticed some changes in over the summer. They have made some kind of 'over assuming' algorythem on their search engine.

    Example: Search for how many finches 3bc2460ad

    Returns results for "how many inches" ?? I'm looking for finches!

    There is alot more keywords that I've come across doing this too. It often returns irrelevant results. Whats with this over assuming algorythem. Thats supposed to be an improvement? I may as well search with Quotes around my search query if that even works now! lol
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    Same happens with IDNs, they suggest the wrong word non-IDN. Should fix this problem, people must learn to use the right words if a language has accents.

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