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Thread: Google mocks Bing and the stuff behind it

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    Google mocks Bing and the stuff behind it

    At which point, Gill piped up to explain - in his matter-of-fact monotone - why Microsoft's philosophy is fundamentally flawed. He pointed his audience to a blog post where an online real estate outfit called RedFin says it recently ditched Microsoft Virtual Earth for Google Maps. Yes, Redfin believes that Google gives better performance.

    "Our approach us a little more absolute than [Microsoft's]," Gill said. "Not only does getting to the end user have to be fast, but the back end has to be extremely fast too...[We are] virtualizing the entire fabric so you get maximum utilization and speed on a global basis as opposed to local fixes - putting one service in a data center, for example, in Denver.

    "You want to figure out how you want to distribute that across the entire system so you get it as horizontal as needed, which is essentially the definition of cloud computing."

    You can take issue with his terminology. But his argument is sound: While Microsoft is struggling to...."

    Google mocks Bing and the stuff behind it • The Register

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  2. This was an interesting article, from a network and systems architectural point of view. I don't think that a lot of end users will care that Bing is built upon a fairly lousy network and systems architecture -- but that doesn't directly relate to important issues in the user experience.

    Microsoft is at a disadvantage here because they try to build everything on the Windows platform. Windows was designed as a GUI for a single-user operating system. Cloud computing is not it's forte'. But, Microsoft is expected to "eat it's own dog food" by trying to make Windows do all sorts of tasks for which it was never intended.

    Google's platforms are designed for scalable and distributed applications -- but I wouldn't want to see then shrinkwrapped and installed on home PC's. Each platform has it's strengths and weaknesses.

    I'd rather see Google and Microsoft talk about how each of their platforms serves my needs better. The back end of these platforms is interesting from an intellectual standpoint, but what I really want are better search results.
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