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Thread: Google.. one thing I don't understand

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    Google.. one thing I don't understand

    Sometimes when I visit Google, their banner links to some person that died or a sentence that isn't important at all...
    But now the biggest project is going on which can help the world.. they didn't post a thing... Our big uncle Google could've helped a lot in this project but they didn't...

    The project I'm talking about is this one:
    Earth Hour

    Checkout a great video about the year before here:
    YouTube - Earth Hour 2009

    Does somebody now why? Doesn't Google like to support good stuff and do they prefer to link to shit? Or... ?

    Are you joining the earthhour or not?

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I missed the earth hour. But I did notice, that there were light switched of from a bridge, near my home. Also, few public places were without lights.

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    San Diego is but its not tell 8:30 PST so still have sometime. Actually surprised G didnt do anything for this. Even though it was started in Australia is been adopted by many countries. Will the presence G has they could have spread the word even more to get more participation.

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    Yeah, Google could really make a big difference by posting the news on their website.. but they didn't

    And 10 minutes left and lights can go on again here Well, hopefully I saved the earth a little bit


    Edit: Yahoo is more generous about this today:
    |Nico Lawsons

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