Google’s new strategy for search is to provide you with answers, not just links, said the company’s executive charmain Eric Schmidt in an interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the D9 conference today.
We can literally compute the right answer,” said Schmidt, referencing advances in artificial intelligence technology.
Instead of looking for links, he said, we’re at a point in technology where many answers to search queries can be computed, rather than simply returning a list of links from an index.
Google: Our new search strategy is to compute answers, not links - Google

I am curious to know how manipulative they are on the computed search queries, I guess a lot.

I can imagine how it works: All Adwords advertiser corporations are ranking on the top positions for Adwords links, brand links, store links, shopping result links, google map links and organic search. Where as a creative entrepreneur are you ranking? Page 2+ too bad for you, chances are that you are not going to make it because you are not a brand chain.

I think the day of banning google from my site is coming