Google is testing a feature in its search results pages that replaces the URL in a result’s snippet with the name of the site on which it appears. So, for example, a WebProNews article titled “Netflix Redesign Rubs Many Users the Wrong Way,” which has a URL that looks like this: Netflix Redesign Rubs Many Users the Wrong Way | WebProNews, would just display WebProNews instead of the URL.
This was first reported by Alex Chitu at Google Operating System, working off a tip from David from Making Money with Android. It appears that even within the test, you users aren’t seeing this happen for every result.
According to Chitu, “David, who noticed this change, says that he searched for [madvertise] and ‘most of the results looked normal, with the website title, snippet and URL. However, two search results displayed the website name instead of the URL.’”
Google Replaces URLs with Site Names on SERPs (In Test) | WebProNews

I like the idea, this is is cool to focus on something like that