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Thread: Google Updating Page Rank Now?

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    That's true.
    Why I remove at once all those links.
    Plus of course, make sure to move the default from going live and having search engines come by to leave me alone.
    Until the blog is ready of course, then change it back.

    It's these little things that most webmasters using wordpress do not have a clue about.

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    I don't link back to WordPress since they don't need any more links, they should link to my blogs out of respect for my support of their platform (dofollow from their home page)! lol They could have a "user respect plugin" that builds links to their user base by sharing out their home page PR juice.

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    Seems like overnight, google finally had a page rank update.
    Don't know how long they will do this, but it happened.

    My one blog that I had eliminated everything did drop down to PR2.
    My other blog stayed the same.
    My proxy list is PR3. (wtf?)

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    For the first time my TV site got pagerank PR2 LOL

    My celebrity site that I have not updated or changed in over a year is still holding PR4

    But I think this site of mine is the best Interlude for Women | A Large selection of Lingerie for Women, and Plus Sized Women. LOL it is PR 1

    Pagerank what a Joke

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    It is a joke.
    Look at how many sites and domains being sold that have page rank.
    Like: etc (just an example).
    On namepros there is someone who posts domains that are dropping that have page rank.
    So far, not one domain makes a world of sense!

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    It's very likely that this is the last PR update. Cutts has been talking about eliminating it for some time.
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    That is why this update is so odd.

    He at one time earlier this year say if ever there was a page rank update, it would be in 2014, if ever.

    Maybe so many buyers/sellers cried and whined enough?

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