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Thread: Google Vs Yahoo

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    Google is the way to go man.
    Its the fastest and most accurate result generating search engine in my opinion.
    Not just that it also provides good features like google video ,youtube ,google adwords for advertisers and adsense for publishers of the sites.

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    I still prefer Google over other search engines. I cannot really tell how different or superior it is from other Search Engine. However, I think it is a habit of using Google. I will also use other search engines at time.

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    I will go with Google,as they are the best,whenever I want to search any sites or forums I use it,but for somethime I use yahoo for pic search,as i think they have this good pics search capability
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    Quote Originally Posted by umair ahmed View Post
    I think Google is much better than Yahoo , and now i heard about new search engine named UltaVista does anyone use this search engine??or heard about it??


    Never heard.

    By the way Google is and will stay No1., in my opinion Yahoo will even lose second position... BING is coming.
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    Google vs Yahoo

    Google started out as one thing; a simple search engine, and although they have released hundreds of other services, they stress the fact that the Search Engine is their top priority.
    In my opinion, Google returns much better search results than Yahoo; it's all about personal preference.

    So, what do you think?

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    Yeah, Google is certainly the best. Yahoo still occupies the second spot inspite of many competitors i.e. rediff, Bing, Ask, etc.. The part of Yahoo I personally hate is the adverts which are displayed literally 'everywhere', i mean it 'everywhere', even when i read my mails

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    Yes, no one can beat with Google. In market no competitor with Google.
    Google is the best search engine than yahoo and any other.

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    Google is one of the best,not only its search engine but other services are also doing great.

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    Google is the best in its field. Yahoo offers a lot too, but, when it comes to getting answers fast, google is number one. I like yahoo for its awesome features and interface. However, I think yahoo doesn't focus much on its search engine and probably more on its Mail and other features.
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    I'd choose Google over Yahoo anytime.
    The results are always more relevant, the interface simple, and the mail service is virtually flawless. Lots of storage space, good security and spam management.

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