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Thread: Google Vs Yahoo

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    Google for sure, nothing comes close to it in my opinon.

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    everybody loves google
    they are simply the best in the business of searching
    even i prefer google
    but some times with some of their services they try to gain too much information about us
    it really annoys me

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    As a search engine, I usually use google and it helps me a lot.
    I also use yahoo too, if I still need more search results or information.

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    Google is the best, hands down

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    Google Vs Yahoo

    What do you like more Google Or Yahoo which one do you think is more better in giving better results in search results and better showing of backlinks give us our opinions?

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    This is another way of asking the same old Question "which one is better - Google or Yahoo?"
    I wish people stop repeating it. Till that happens - Google.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Micks86 View Post
    Guys what do you think,overall, which search engine is better?
    For targeted traffic to your website, its yahoo. On my main forum, google has a bounce rate of 58%. Yahoo bounce rate is more like 28% - 38%.

    Even though yahoo will send your site less traffic then google, it has a lower bounce rate, which is good.

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    I think if I am searching for stuff like university lectures and presentation then yahoo is the best otherwise I like google the most.

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    Google is siplest and fastest search engine, no one beat........

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