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Thread: Google Vs Yahoo

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    I use both, but mostly Google because it shows more relevant results
    Bing is a waste of advertising budget

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    I use yahoo about 10% of the time to search and Google the rest. Bing I've tried a few times. But I rarely use it unless I happen to be on the msn page.

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    Google is the best in every aspect. There is nothing worthwhile in yahoo except Yahoo answers which is the only thing I like about it.
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    One annoyance that I find with Google search results is that you almost always have to visit the destination site to get the information you searched for, even for very simple things. Well, that is good for webmasters. For example, a search for a coupon code. The search result may be along the lines of: "So you are looking for a coupon code are you? Ya came to the right place, blah ...".

    I do not prefer yahoo
    I am not in disagreement with you.

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