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Thread: Google Vs Yahoo

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    Yahoo or Google??

    Guys what do you think,overall, which search engine is better?

    I know many of you would say Google but there are many others who have had a good experience with Yahoo.

    I am much into Google and i would appreciate if more and more people could post about their experience with Yahoo.

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    Google Vs Yahoo

    What do you like more Google Or Yahoo which one do you think is more better in giving better results in search results and better showing of backlinks give us our opinions?

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    Of course I like Google search engine more as compared to any other search engine.I have got the best results from Google Search as they provide quick as well as precise results for seaches. They also provide a good option of backlinks.

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    Google is King of all search engines. Many keywords of my websites have ranked in first page of Yahoo but still it brings less traffic compared to Google where my keywords are appearing in 2nd and 3rd page. Google search engine is much faster and brings more accurate result. So for me Google all the way.

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    Google is much better than yahoo. I myself seldom use yahoo now. But for SEO it's still very important to get good rank in yahoo.

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    I like google because more users using google.
    and i also discovered that in google my websites are better ranked then in other SE

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    Google is waaaaaaaaay better then Yahoo. Few years ago, you couldn't see big difference between them, but nowadays... not many people are using Yahoo. I have e-mails of all my classmates, 27 of them are Gmail, one of them is Yahoo, and 2 of them are using the other ones.

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    I like Google very much than Yahoo.
    Many people using Google and just a few people using Yahoo.
    Google is more popular than yahoo and google better than yahoo.

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    I think Google is much better than Yahoo , and now i heard about new search engine named UltaVista does anyone use this search engine??or heard about it??

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    google is much better than yahoo. I mostly use Blackle powered by google. Its nice search engine and provides energy saving search.

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