First Google dominated the Web with search. Then it ruled mobile devices with Android. Now Google wants to control everything inside your home.
At its annual I/O developers conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, the company previewed Android@Home, a future platform that will allow you to interact with practically any electronic device you own using Google (GOOG, Fortune 500). Connected devices like home media equipment, dishwashers, cars, and lights could soon be able to be controlled using the new platform.

"We'd like to think of your entire home as an accessory, or better yet as a network of accessories, and think of Android as the operating system for your home," said Joe Britt, head of the Android@Home team.
Controlling connected devices with a smartphone, tablet, PC or another gizmo has been discussed for years. Recently, some early attempts have emerged, including pill bottles that link to your phone or cars that can be turned on with through a mobile app. But those are prototypes -- little has been done on a larger scale.
The chief obstacle to making that happen across all connected devices is finding a single, open standard to control everything you own. Right now, most manufacturers of connected devices write their own proprietary software for controlling appliances. Your iPhone can control your Apple TV, and Windows Phone can control your Windows PC, for instance.
But down the road, what happens if your LG washer and dryer want to talk to your Apple router, controlled by your HP smartphone? If each used its own proprietary standards, that would likely be impossible.
Google thinks that it has a solution to that problem.
Google I/O 2011: Google wants to control your home - May. 11, 2011

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