Yesterday, it was reported that Google had updated PageRank. People took to the forums to share their new PageRank numbers – many of which had increased.
It appears, however, that Google’s own PageRank has gone down from a 10 to a 9. Make of this what you will, but it is quite interesting that the controller of all PageRank would devalue its own.
Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable, who first reported on this, says, “Does it matter? No. But it is interesting, nevertheless.” He provides the following screen cap.

In late 2009, Google removed PageRank from Webmaster Tools, but decided to keep it in the Google Toolbar. Google has basically said that people worry about PageRank way too much. “We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true,” said Google’s Susan Moskwa. “We removed it because we felt it was silly to tell people not to think about it, but then to show them the data, implying that they should look at it.”
Yet they continue to leave it in Google Toolbar, and clearly many webmasters still feel like they should look at it.

Regarding Google’s own lower PageRank, one forum member in BlackHatWorld writes, “It’s just that some agencies are lately doing investigations against Google, so it may be the reason.”

Google’s Own PageRank Drops | WebProNews

Do you think it is ironic?