At SMX one of the more contentious subjects was the debate over Google’s Android Phone giveaway, and demonstration that they are in practice profiling SEO’s.

Let’s back the clock up and review the facts:

  • On May 27th at the Google I/O developer program Google has what is the press calls an “Oprah Moment” and gives away FREE cell phones to all attendees.
  • Within 1 hour of the giveaway the phone finds it’s way up on Ebay with a starting price of $200.
  • This phone receives 29 bids and has a final selling price of $760
  • Within the 24 hours after that phone is given away Android receives approximately 50,000 new links.
  • It doesn’t require a huge leap of faith to assume that at least 1 and quite possibly many more of those links can be directly attributed to Google giving away a cash in kind gift valued at between $200-$760.
Continued at: How Google Profiles SEO’s

Do you believe the story holds water? Have you personally seen evidence of Google's SEO profiling?