It seems its only a matter of time before internet search engine and marketing giant Google goes down the same path of Microsoft. Google swears its the anti-microsoft, moral, responsible, and anything but evil, but then why is Obama's top antitrust cop gunning for the Big G?

Google has put a stifle in innovation and has squashed its competitors like nothing we've seen since the 1990's with Microsoft. Google has started to colonize the emerging cloud-computing industry and amassing market power to power its own eco-system.

Google's own advertising market share has jumped from 50% in 2007 to over 75%. Google has been under investigation from the DOJ for making every book searchable online, they got their Yahoo deal swatted down to stop their monopoly and the FTC is looking into weather Apple board seats held by Google CEO Schmidt and board member Levinson violate federal anti-trust laws.

So how much longer do you think Google is going to continue to exisit in its current form?