There have been rumblings that Google has unveiled another huge algorithm change being dubbed “Panda 3.0″ in some quarters. Officially, Google says it’s not so. Only a minor update, “far smaller” than Panda 2, has happened.
Changes have been spotted by some sharp-eyed SEOs over the past few days, and Google agrees that there were some tweaks made. But as I said, the company says this impacts far fewer rankings than in the past.
Let’s recap:
Panda 1.0: Launched on February 24, this targeted “shallow” or “thin” content and impacted about 12% of the rankings in the United States. See our coverage from then, Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update.
Panda 2.0: Launched on April 11, this incorporated Google “blocking” data and impacted about 2% of searches in the US. It also saw the algorithm roll out globally. See our past coverage: Google Rolls Out Its Panda Update Internationally And Begins Incorporating Searcher Blocking Data.
Panda 2.1: Google won’t release the percentage of queries impacted but says this is far less than in the other updates. Changes were made in the past few days.
It’s important to remember that Google is always making changes to its search algorithm. Panda was a big algorithm change, but it’s not likely that Google will make similar huge change for months.
It’s Panda Update 2.1, Not Panda 3.0, Google Says

The Google Panda flip flop. That's not very serious for this caliber of corporation having hundred's of engineers.

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