This might be interesting for all of us:

Just a warning that in 2010 broken links and the speed of your site Will make a difference to your sites rankings, so make sure your website/websites are ready before the end of this year.

Matt Cutts Search Predictions Video

If you are using google Webmaster tools make sure you:

1) Select your site
2) Select Labs on the left side of the page
3) Select site performance
4) The graph will show you if your site is slow
5) Read the recommendations that google gives you to help speed it up

I hope this info helps your site get ready for 2010

Found this news at [ame=""]DigitalPoint[/ame] by [ame=""]Digital Point Forums[/ame] (Thanks )

[ame=""]YouTube- What do you predict will be the big changes to search in the next few years?[/ame]