Running an e-commerce and selling products online as you may know is pretty difficult because nobody will link to page products. But when competitors are misleading search engines it is even more difficult to compete.

For example when an online store sells a coconut body wash, visitors are supposed to find a scent of coconut. Now many manufacturers blend their scents that could be coconut with lime or other additional scents.

When an online store promote a coconut body wash blended with lime or other scents as coconut only in their title page, I beleive they are misleading visitors looking for coconut when you find out that the ingredient list includes other scents. This could be manipulated as well taking the most popular scent listed in their body wash and optimized for search engines.

Looking for coconut body wash, when you check the top10 pages most of them are big brand marketed as one scent which is false and contain other scents. Pretty deceptive for a visitor looking for that specific scent misleaded by search engines.

My question is why search engines do not rank correctly the online store page that sells the scent promoted in their title and that include a the single scent in the ingredient list in the page?

This is just an example and could be used for any other products misleaded by search engines.