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Thread: new google search feature

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    new google search feature

    I just noticed something in google search - the url is split into parts being the 'breadcrumbs' of the page listed - see the first result, where the 'main url', and 'Aquitaine' and 'Dordogne' are each separate links. Is this new?
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    Yeah.. it's like in a directory search..
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    Hadn't notice, are you using

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    Right, I have also noticed this new feature of SERP and I am wondering if there is anything relates to the coming new caffeine engine.
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    Yeah Noticed it too. I think it was implemented two or three days ago.. And One more thing.. Google has removed "Similar" on few of the URL's for few keywords. Earlier it removed Size.. Example:

    www. - 30 K Cached - Similar..

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