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Thread: Which Search Engine Gives You The Maximum Hits?

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    Google, and google image.

    Live comes next, then Yahoo.

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    google is my main source of hits.. in fact yahoo doesnt even index my site so google is all I've got.. loL
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    google gives me more hits then after that .. yahoo ...

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    Google,it indexes my sites very fast and it also gives my site some good traffic.But Yahoo! ohh man it doesn't even index my site

    Thanks and Cheers

  5. Google. I haven't really been paying attention to the other search engines that much

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    Ha ha ha.. maybe if we use other search engine it not that quite satisfied much. But may be sometime you should try to use yahoo when you try to find something. Because sometime I do find that Yahoo catch the result more accurate.

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    I get most of my hits from google, than on the second place it is bing, and on the third place it is

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    Initially used to be MSN for about 6 months. But then MSN banned my site for life I think. MSNBot never visited by site since last 3 yrs

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    Google all the way!

  10. Not sure why I haven't posted it here.

    But, Google has given me the only hits. I suppose I got some from Yahoo answers, but I am pretty sure not the Yahoo search engine.

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