Hello NB members I created this thread because it seems that many webmasters are getting penalized by google or getting their pagerank leaked while they try to get their pagerank up here is a "scrappy" list of things that webmasters think that will get their pagerank up that will actually get them penalized or will give them a hard time getting their PR up.

NOTE: I'm not 100% sure about the following statements:

*Big amount of outbound links to websites that point back to you
*Repeating the same keyword phrase in an excessive manner
*Overdo h1 tags
*Repetitive inbound anchor text
*Low quality link backs
*Excessive internal anchor text linking
*More than 100 links per page

Other facts
*Footer links are less important for google
*site maps, contact us section and privacy policy page will help

Those are some I remember I will post more later :P
If you know more please post them