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Thread: What is the best search engine?

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    What is the best search engine?

    I just wanna know what search engine the majority of web masters use. What search engine do you prefer to use? Could you give any reasons?

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    I use google simply because it's clean looking, fast to load, very efficient, has google maps and google images which I use more than google itself.

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    In my opinion there's only one search engine that even matters anymore: Google.

    It's simple, fast, and easy to find exactly what you want. From a webmaster's point of view, you should always try and optimise your site for Google as it will bring you the most traffic out of all the engines

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    Google is give more result than other search engine. So, i think google is the best. Google have very deep algorithm to make the result shown is very accurate. And google show the result rapidly after i click "search" on search box.

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    Considering that Google was used for more than 50% of the searches made last year (Yahoo had ~25, Live ~10, Ask ~5%), it would be illogical to use another search engine.

    You've got to go with the flow.

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    Although I rarely use a search engine at all, the obvious answer is Google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post
    Found this funny image so I decided to share:
    Hey! How do you know I use Google for spell checking? LOL!
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    Google is the best, most definitely.. nobody else even come close.. even yahoo.. lol
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    that's why i'm happy when yahoo is refuse microsoft offer to do joint venture. Because if that 2 company JV, google will get critical hit. Microsoft-Yahoo will be strong company and treat google existence.
    I'm happy because i'm loyal google user.

    About farrhad "use of google" pic, is there valid and based on research? I'm not believe that function of "finding useful information " is get on lowest position. I think it's in the top. Because we're now google SE is no.1

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