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Thread: What effect does pagerank have on a site's value?

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    Question What effect does pagerank have on a site's value?

    I have a few sites that the pagerank has gone up on, 2 are PR3 now, but I'd like to know what value is put on different PR's. I know PR1 is less valuable than PR2, is less valuable than PR3 etc. but is there a minimum value that a website could or would sell for depending on it's pagerank? I.E a PR1 site would be worth $x and PR2 worth $xx and so on....

    Is there a guideline published anywhere? Or a rule of thumb? I've searched and been unable to find an answer anywhere. I may sell some sites soon so it'd be handy to know what I could ask for as a starting price and expect as a final price (or at least have some idea).

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    Pagerank can have two values. A good pagerank could indicate that Google values your site/content, and it may improve your search visibility. This could make your site worth a lot. How much? It depends on the traffic type and volume.

    If you want to know how much your page rank is worth in regards to selling text links, then the higher the rank the more valuable the text link. I've seen text links go for $20 a month on a PR2 and over a $100 a month on PR7. This is all short term value though because once you start selling links it is very easy for Google to detect this, and will then begin lowering your the point of zero.
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    You can earn a a lot from selling links on good PR sites, so good PR surely improves your sites value.

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    Most people are PR crazy and a site with a good PR gets a tremendous boost to its value.

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    There are SEO companies that buy high PR sites just to sell links, and they pay a good amount.

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    I particularly give high priority to PR. Never mind what other say, PR does help in your Google page ranking. (though not that much). People also like visiting high PR sites, as it is an indication of an authority site.

    Just think out of the box. Why would Google invest so much resources in something that is flawed?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Forsaken View Post
    Just think out of the box. Why would Google invest so much resources in something that is flawed?
    Agreed. It diffrentiates authority sites from new sites.
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    Minimum your page rank , maximum will be your sites value. So, most of the people are trying to publish their sites here and there.

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