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Thread: Are you too receiving traffic from Bing??

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    Are you too receiving traffic from Bing??

    I m receiving traffic, more than yahoo, from bing on two of my blogs. Are you too receiving traffic from Bing??

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    Well, I haven't received even a single from bing.

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    Me neither, 0 visits from Bing
    |Nico Lawsons

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    It was launched on June 1. Submit your site to Bing and you will too receives traffic.

    BTW I noticed one thing. When we search on MSN it will get you results from BING..

    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    Me neither, 0 visits from Bing

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    Submit here
    Bing URL Submission

    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    ^^^ How to submit our sites???

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    It would give you same results as that of msn.. but with better options and added features.. MSN search has got better with Bing.. The way it explores the site/blog on right sidebar.. is something nice.
    SEO girl...

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    A few hundred hits on various sites, nothing major.

  9. Just checked one of my sites, it gets some.. 0.01% LOL:
    220. 100 visitors 0.01%
    221. 100 visitors 0.01%

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