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  1. Re: Free Tool To Submit Your site to search engines

    Well i don't think i have to use these kind of tools , So sorry, And yeah what i said above was not just for your SEO Tool That Was for All Automated Submission tools , So don't take it hard[/quote]...
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    Re: Review My California Castle site

    Its an excellent site,well developed i dontthink so that there is much whichi can suggest but if u add some FAQs and the way prices are mentioned change them into some order so that at a first...
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    Review My Sites

    I present my signature sites for review.lets see
  4. Re: 5 Ways to Boost Your Google Adsense CTR

    nice sharing

    i think fewer ads +merging is good
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    Re: Google update pr

    congrats and this time they have valued the backlinks

    i have seen ur blog,excellent contents,it seems that u spend a lot of time on it
  6. Re: Free Tool To Submit Your site to search engines

    i dont think so first use that then say,its not posting of ur links without any reason here and there.its just submission to various engine.but ur will and wish to use or not:P
  7. Re: Free Tool To Submit Your site to search engines

    ok done but actually i was targeting for that keyword :P
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    Re: What is robots.txt file?

    so at last forum is alive :P
  9. Free Tool To Submit Your site to search engines

    You can submitt your Blog ,website to various search engines including various google engines for free.But keep in mind that after submiting wait for few days to resubmit.

    Free Search Engine...
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    What is robots.txt file?

    This is a text file used to control the bots of various search engines to access the files and pages present at your site.It is quite useful in search engine optimization.
    Its normally used to stop...
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