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  1. Typhoon Sendong in the Philippines - Victims Need Help

    You may have read in the news, the southern part of the Philippines was devastated by typhoon Sendong leaving more than a thousand deaths and hundreds of families homeless. An organization in the...
  2. List of PHPBB forums for profile link building

    Here's a list of around 500 forums for your link building campaign.
    List of Forums Powered by phpBB : SEO Pilipinas
  3. [WTS] Link-Vault Vaultage for Rent - 10,000 Vaults

    I have 10,000 Vaultage in Link-Vault which I am willing to be rented on a monthly basis. Just let me know if you're interested.
  4. [WTS] ReceiveLinks.Com points to rent $10/month per 1,000 points

    I have extra points in ReceiveLinks.Com and I offer it for rent for only $10/month per 1,000 points. The regular price for points is $20/1k points and I am giving it at half a price.

    You must be...
  5. [WTS] No review copies are available. There were...

    No review copies are available. There were already 4 people who have availed of it. Just waiting for the transaction to be completed and for their review after.
  6. [WTS] Cheap Do-Follow Social Bookmarking 5 URLs x 50 Bookmarks = 250 bookmarks

    We are hosting our own do-follow Pligg Network. We offer bookmarking services to 50 of our sites for as low as $2 per URL.

    May I say that all the sites are PR0 and this offer is not really for...
  7. [WTS] Private Social Bookmarking Club for less than $8/month

    Our group hosts a network of 50 social bookmarking sites that are privately used by our members. All sites are powered by Pligg and are do-follow. We invite those interested to join our group for a...
  8. [WTS] Link on a PR3 SEO-related page. Only $25/year

    I'm selling link on my PR3 SEO-related page. Homepage is PR2.
    Price is $25/year.

    PM if interested.
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    [WTS] Social Bookmarking Service- only $5

    I will submit your site in our 60 social bookmark network hosted in different IPs for only $5.

    First three replies will get a review copy.
    PM me for more information.
  10. [WTS] Link on a PR2 Recipe Page (subpage) for just $12/year

    I am selling PR2 links on my spaghetti recipe related website. The homepage of the site is PR3 and does not have any outbound link.

    Price is $12/year (only $1/month)
    Maximum of 5 links on each...
  11. [WTS] Hi Kovich, we provide a smaller package for...

    Hi Kovich, we provide a smaller package for starters. It will be 10 Web 2.0 sites so there will be 11 articles (10 articles for Web 2.0 plus 1 spun article to our blog network).

    The price is...
  12. [WTS] High Quality Linkwheel Creation Service:Massive Links!

    Package inclusions:

    25 Web 2.0 content pages containing unique editorial writeup about the niche you're promoting.
    Each article contains a minimum of 400 words
    Related image(s) on each...
  13. [WTS] Massive In-Content Links from a PR4 Article Directory Site!

    I am selling in-content links in my PR4 article directory site. The site has more than 147,000 articles written by 5,700++ authors. So how does this work? You choose a word or words. For instance,...
  14. [WTS] Wordpress Database of Law/Legal Articles

    We are selling our database of Legal/Law-related articles. Articles are sourced from Article Marketer. There are over 2,500 articles in the database.
    Compatible with Wordpress 2.9.1


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    List of Ping Services

    To those who want to have their blog entries pinged in many sites, here the list of pings services for you!

    List of Ping Services : SEO Pilipinas
  16. [WTS] Massive Content-Based Link Building/SEO Campaign

    Get 25 Hosted Content pages on the hottest web 2.0 sites. Watch as your SERP increase considerably at a fraction of a cost!

    What you need:

    High-quality content that is extensively...
  17. [WTS] Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Very Cheap!

    As part of our pre-launch, we are extending our offer of unlimited review copies for our do-follow social bookmarking service for the members of this forum. We will bookmark your URL(s) in 50...
  18. [WTS] WTS: Massive SEO Content and Backlinks on Web 2.0 pages! Very Cheap!

    Get 25 hosted content pages on the web 2.0 sites with our MASSIVE CONTENT/MASSIVE BACKLINKS package. Watch as your SERP increase considerably! If you want to definitely rank on top, you will surely...
  19. [WTS] 50 Do-Follow Social Bookmarks* Very Cheap!

    We are presently few weeks before we LAUNCH our network of social bookmarking sites. As a special offer, we give you our cheapest "50 bookmark package". All...
  20. [WTS] Backlink Goldmine Profile Link Building Service

    Increase your search engine authority and backlinks through our service. We will create profile pages on PR sites based on Backlink Goldmine and ping those links to let search engine crawl them.
  21. [WTS] Private Membership for Social Bookmark Providers!

    My team and I thought of establishing our own private network of bookmarking sites. We, however, decided to open the membership to other webmasters, particularly those in the social bookmarking...
  22. [WTS] Private Linkwheeling and Social Bookmarking Club

    Get access to virtually unlimited blogging and social bookmarking for your sites. This offer is open to all Internet marketers, link wheelers, social bookmarkers, link builders, and other web...
  23. [WTS] In-Content Links from a PR2 Article Site with over 100,000 articles

    Generate hundreds and even thousands of content-related links at a very minimal price!

    Google loves links, specifically content links that are very much relevant to the site your optimizing....
  24. [WTS] Social Bookmarking Service: 200 Bookmarks!

    We are now offering in full-blast our bookmarking service. All links submissions are done manually to ensure precision and accuracy. We send a simple report: A profile page of the account we're using...
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    List of Press Release Distribution Sites

    Some consider press release distribution is as effective as article marketing when doing link building and marketing work. But I think combining them will be better. For those who are looking where...
  26. [WTS] WordPress Database: Family Life Articles

    Item: Wordpress Database of Family Life Articles
    Format: MySQL
    Number of Articles: 5,000++
    Compatibility: Wordpress 2.8.6
    Price: $20 ($10 review copy)
    Resell Rights: None
    Review Copies: 5
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    [WTS] Thank you for such a review Charles. I hope it...

    Thank you for such a review Charles. I hope it will do bring good results for your sites.
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    [WTS] 50 Social Bookmarks for only $3!

    We are currently offering our entry-level bookmarking service to 50 social bookmarking sites for $3

    We need the following info:

    Delivery time is 1-2 days. We...
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    Sticky: Very huge list of social bookmarking sites

    Here's about 700
    List of Social Bookmarking Sites : SEO Pilipinas
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    [WTS] i will send you a more detailed proposal for...

    i will send you a more detailed proposal for this. thank you for understanding the predicament on giving review copies.

    i understand where you're coming from. but being new in this forum...
  31. [WTS] Dominate the SERPs with this INSANE Link Building Package!

    Try our INSANE Link Building Package where we combine the power of Web 2.0 sites, blog networking, social bookmarking, article submission, and LinK Wheel to get the most number of links for your...
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    [WTS] LinkWheel Service: Very Cheap!

    Dominate your niche by creating a link network from authority sites. We are providing this LinkWheel method to help you rank better in search engines.

    We will provide five (5) unique articles....
  33. whoa! that was amazing

    whoa! that was amazing
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    kapengbarako in the cup!

    hi to all. this is kapengbarako, signing in...
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    i don't think you can be detected when you use it

    i don't think you can be detected when you use it
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    im keeping in touch with this :)

    im keeping in touch with this :)
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    I love using SEO Quake, Tweak Network, and Imacros

    I love using SEO Quake, Tweak Network, and Imacros
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    I prefer Gmail over Yahoo. It's faster

    I prefer Gmail over Yahoo. It's faster
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    I am using Avast and F-Prot and have no problems...

    I am using Avast and F-Prot and have no problems using them
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    My main email addy gets about 20 emails. But...

    My main email addy gets about 20 emails. But overall, my four email address gets about a hundred
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    I always set my homepage to Google

    I always set my homepage to Google
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