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  1. RDS bar [ver. 3.2.20121011] released:...

    RDS bar [ver. 3.2.20121011] released:

    Changes from RDS bar [ver. 3.1.20120803]:

    Fixed bugs:
    - "SEOmoz" bug.
    - "Google main index" bug.
  2. RDS bar [ver. 3.1.20120803] released:...

    RDS bar [ver. 3.1.20120803] released:

    Changes from RDS bar [ver. 2.2.20120608]:

    Fixed bugs:
    - "Index Bing", "Back Bing", "Bing out"...
  3. RDS bar [ver. 2.2.20120608] released (works with...

    RDS bar [ver. 2.2.20120608] released (works with Firefox 4.0 and later).

    Changes from previous version:

    New features:
    - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese localizations
  4. Rds bar for Firefox - plug-in for SEO site and pages analysis. Check PR, Dmoz etc...

    What RDS bar can do (Options given in the plug-in toolbar):

    "Google index" – reveals the number of website pages indexed by Google. Allows...
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