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    I usually do a mockup in photoshop, basically...

    I usually do a mockup in photoshop, basically because I have to in order to get approval from the client but also for my own sake as I know what to do when it comes to cutting it and create the html...
  2. [WTS] Unique music ecommerce site + software sale - Established site since 2005


    I don't have time for my baby anymore because of a day job and are looking to sell this to a driven music lover who wants to take this to the next level marketing and development wise. The...
  3. [WTS] - nice media domain for sale

    Looking to sell which is a nice domain with the words sub and contrast. Domain is suitable for something relating to design, video, photography or 3d.

    Starting bids at $50

    Pm if...
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    [WTS] 2 great music related domains for sale

    Looking to sell these domains that is suitable for something music related... - bids start at $50

    muziccube portfolio (.com, .net, .org) - bids start at $50

    Pm me your offers...
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