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    Re: About US Traffic

    prefer local directory US. Submit your site in it. it'll give boost to your site. Tough it is difficult but still it is valuable.
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    Re: Which is the best SEO methos ?

    Well I prefer standard link building in link building. and generate more natural traffics from social networking site.
  3. Re: 5 Tips to Build a SEO - Friendly Web Design

    Is SEO requiring if I have fresh website? Or Can I go with PPC? How much should I pay for that?

    Hello Jesa,

    Thanks for the information. As per your tips I have checked my website and do...
  4. Re: 2. SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    Hello Brain,

    You have really nice informative post on SEO. Can you please let me know, What is internet marketing? Is internet marketing and SEO is different? If yes than, what’s the primary...
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