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Thread: Back link value chacker.......

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    Question Back link value chacker.......

    How can i found out my website's back link value? and ya i want to know about Out Bound Links??
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    Use SEO Quake and check the page's rank, traffic price, then check the authority with a free tool
    It's easier to use the right dorks to do this for you.

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    Use some tools from SEO Moz, too, it could be very usefull.

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    Hey thanx guys for your help and support

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    Hey thanx guys for your help and support. Another thing i want to know that how google boat crawls and Which things affecting to my site in ranking after crawlling???????

  5. You can check your website back links with the help of back link watch.

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    Just Add the link:and your url in good you will get perfect backlink, or else check backlinkwatcher .

  7. Use Google webmaster tools for your own.
    Other sites you can use: SEO spyglass, backlinkwatch, majesticseo

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    I use SEO Quake it is trustable and easy to use.

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    Many sites and tools available for back link checker but i used SEO moz, backlink watch one of the best site for back link checker.

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    I use SEO quake to check outbound and inbound link of a particular page and for backlink, Google webmaster tool gives a perfect and more precised data.

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