Hello everyone,

I am getting nice traffic from google search engine. Now i am looking to optimize site for Bing.com. So I just joined bing webmaster tool with my hotmail email Id and upload BingSiteAuth.xml file to my top directory in web server. Its working well and having sharp details of website. I am really impressed with data.

Bing webmaster tool is equipped with all necessary tools like :

  • Well design Dashboard.
  • Configure Website Site
  • Reports & Data .
  • Page Traffic.
  • Diagnostics and Tools.
  • Search Keywords.
  • SEO Report.
  • Website Crawl Information.
  • Webmaster API .
  • Index Explorer (Search landing ,redirects 404 errors, Malware infected ,Excluded by robots.txt)

I would appreciate , if you share your good experience with bing webmaster tool.