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Any Query? Contact Us Without Hesitation

Email: Info@hukumat.com
Skype: UmerGuru


  • Why You Are Offering Such Risk Free Service That No One Is Doing?

When anyone ask us about this, we simply say, We trust on ourselves and we know we can produce results. Also we love challenges.

We also launch this service, because we totally believe in this quote: "If your client get paid, you will get paid". So our task is to first give client's benefit then it will automatically comes to you. That's the main purpose of our service to give client real value.

We don't know about others but we take 1 step ahead to give client's really value that no one is doing. Lets see who will follow on our footsteps.

  • How Long You Will Take To Get My Site To First Page Of Google?

If you know SEO, you might know, no one can really guarantee to make site in Top 10 in exact timeframe as it depends on hundreds of factors. Ranking depends on Google algorithm that no one knows exactly. But in normal cases with low to medium competition, we can make you to Top 10 in 3-6 Months but it depends, maybe sooner or later.

  • How Often Will I Receive Reports And What Includes In It?

When you sign up, we will send you an initial analyzation report that will include your current rankings for targeted keywords, along with hundreds of other things. Then, you will receive Bi-monthly reports via E-mail that will show the current positions for targeted keywords and how much it change till now.

  • Which Sites Are Not illegible For This Service?

This service is not for sites who hit by Panda/Penguin, but good news is we are offering Panda/Penguin Recovery Service, Email us at info@hukumat.com . Also we are not accepting Adult sites as well.

  • How Many Keywords You Are Going To Target?

We Are Accepting upto 10 keywords to give you best results. If you want to target more, contact us so we discuss on it.

  • Is It Really 100% Risk Free Service?

Yes, Of-course. You can sign up for free, nothing you need to give to start with, if your site not increase in rank, you don't have to pay a penny for that particular month. We will only charge if site increases its rank in Google for targeted keywords. So you can sense, where you are loosing anything.

  • What's Your Strategy For Creating Backlinks? I Mean How You Will Promote My Site? Is It White-hat?

Our experts first analyze site completely and based on that, we create unique strategy for each site and will update client's with SERP reports on Bi-Monthly basis.

We build links revolving Web 2.0 Properties, Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Forum Posts, Press Releases, Answering Sites like Yahoo Answers, Forum Postings and many others. Most of our links are contextual base as Google clearly said, they love them.

Our Service is totally White-hat and we give you best possible natural links as anyone can get. We also do Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing to give you best results.

  • Is Social Media Included In Your Service?

Yes, As now Social Media is an important part of SEO. It is also included in our service. We Create pages/profiles on Social Media sites and promote them to get more fans/followers to give you maximum out of Social Media. We also regularly update them as well. It will be a regular second traffic stream to your site.

  • What Payment Method Are You Accepting?

We are accepting all kind of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal & MoneyBookers Payments.

  • OK I'm Quite Impressed! Tell Me The Process Where To Start?

Thanks for your interest! This is so simple as 1,2,3 . First fill out your domain and your E-mail ID at Get Started. We will reply back or call you back in next 24 business hours. Or for any query, just Email us at info@hukumat.com or add us to skype: umerguru

Don't worry about anything, you will not loose anything. Its 100% Risk Free Service.