Hi there,

We are offering Contextual link building services.

What we do:

1. We create 1 unique article which have your anchor text.
2. After that, we create 499 spinned articles from that 1 unique article with nice titles.
3. We post these 500 articles in our blogs. All these 500 blogs are from different C class ips.
4. We allow 2 keywords for each article so you get 1,000 backlinks!
5. Once the articles are posted, we create RSS feed and submit it.

Price: $150.
Review Copy : 3 review copies at $110.

Payment: PayPal only

TimeFrame: 1 week ( We usually deliver in 2 days)

What I need from you:
1. URL and keyword(s)
2. Email ID for report
3. Payment

All are general blogs.