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Thread: $1 for a 5 minute task

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    $1 for a 5 minute task

    Ok, I think this should take well under 5 minutes. But that will depend on a couple of factors, most notably your Internet connection speed. All I need you to do is to visit a couple of URLs I will send you, and make note of a few things. More details by PM.

    The URLs are to sites where different locations will see different content. So, in your PM, I will need you to tell me your country.

    That's it.


    Just to clarify You do not have to fill a form. You do not have to login. You do not have to click anything. Or anything bogus like that. This is an experiment where I am trying to find out what people from different parts of the world are seeing. Since there are many people I am assigning this to, I will use PayPal MassPay. That way, you will get the full $1 into your PayPal, and I will bear the fees.

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    Interested :P - England

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    Interested: India

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    Nice experiment PM'd you

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    I do it for free if you need my help.

  6. I am also Interested to know what funda is this . I am in India .

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    Thanks All. I am done with this experiment. And all providers have been paid. THREAD CLOSED

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