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Thread: 1 Million Unique Real Visitors to Your Site This Month!

  1. 1 Million Unique Real Visitors to Your Site This Month! drives real unique traffic to your site so you can sell the products and services you offer. We offer traffic from worldwide sources or you can choose more targeted traffic from the US/UK. The choice is absolutely yours as to whom and from where you want your visitors. Best of all we have slashed our already competitive prices. Check them out:

    Worldwide Traffic

    10,000 Visitors – $9.99
    50,000 Visitors – $39.99
    100,000 Visitors – $79.99
    500,000 Visitors – $359.99
    1,000,000 Visitors – $499.99

    US & UK Traffic

    1,000 Visitors – $4.99
    5,000 Visitors – $19.99
    10,000 Visitors – $39.99
    50,000 Visitors – $159.99
    100,000 Visitors – $299.99

    Any of these packages are available to you right now. To top it off you will have all your traffic delivered to your website within 30 days. Can you imagine having up to 1,000,000 visitors to your site within 30 days. backs this claim with a full refund of your money if you do not receive all your traffic in 30 days or less. Most our competitors only offer you a pro-rated refund. With our policy you have no risk of not getting what you paid for.

    Don't delay because these low prices are for a very limited time. Why spend your hard earned money on PPC when you can have unique traffic to your site now for a fraction of the cost per visitor.

    Visit right now to get started!

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    You are new here ....if you provide me a review copy...I'll post a honest review of your Service


  3. Can I order 1K targeted traffic from US and UK or this is not possible with your system?

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    I do not believe that anyone can deliver 1 million unique visitors in a month, or even 10 thousand.

    If anyone tries this, make sure that you report on any increase in business. There probably won't be any. It is real easy to fake visitors, although it is a bit harder to fake unique visitors.

    I'm skeptical, which means that I would be a good person to use to prove that your service is legitimate. Let me know if you want to do a trial with one of my e-commerce sites. If you can convince me, you will convince everyone here.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Curious, but sceptical also.... if you convince Dog then..maybe..

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