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Thread: $1 per back link with PR 1-6

  1. $1 per back link with PR 1-6

    Hello everyone.
    I am starting a new service for your backlinks campaign and is incredibly cheap!
    I am offering packages of backlinks from website with a PR of at list 1
    at $1 each!
    I can offer you 3 packages:
    20 backlinks from pages with a PR of at least 1 - PRICE 20$
    40 backlinks from pages with a PR of at least 1 - PRICE 40$
    60 backlinks from pages with a PR of at least 1 - PRICE 55$

    Review copy:
    I cannot offer you a review copy totally free unfortunately as I have same outsourcing work to pay for the service but I am offering the silver package for 7$ to the first two with a few It willing to write an honest review on my service.
    Thank you.
    Where my backlinks came from?
    Your backlinks came from blogs and bookmarking sites.
    Are they permanent?
    Usually blogs and bookmarking site do not delete comments in their pages.
    Quality of comments?
    When we comment for you we make sure that that comments are relevant to the content of the page so it does not look spammish and it does not get deleted.
    Turn around?
    It depends on how busy we are and what package you choose it should not take at the most 7 working days for us to deliver.
    Please post any additional questions and I will do best to answer.

  2. #2
    Will these links be dofollow?

  3. I did not mention that sorry!
    They are dofollow.
    Even though some people believes is better to have them 50/50 to make it look more natural.
    You can have it as you prefer, but if you dont tell me nothing specific about it the links you are going to get are dofollow.

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