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Thread: 100% Approval#Cheap Rates#Do follow Blog Comment Service~~PR7-PR1..

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    100% Approval#Cheap Rates#Do follow Blog Comment Service~~PR7-PR1..


    Do-follow blog commenting is very fast emerging as an excellent way of securing high page rank back links without spending over the top rates on monthly or permanent back links.
    All the comments are professionally written and have valuable feed backs,these back links will be permanent in nature and due to their placement on well-established blogs.
    Everyone knows that it will help to increase your search engine rankings and traffic.

    We all are professional and our best

    Rates per link:-



    Trail Package:
    1PR6 + 1PR5 + 3PR4 + 3PR3 + 5PR2 + 5PR1~$40

    Basic Package:
    3PR6 + 5PR5 + 5PR4 + 10PR3 + 10PR2 + 10PR1~$110

    Advanced Package:
    5PR6 + 10PR5 + 10PR4 + 20PR3 + 15PR2 + 15PR1~$190

    Gold Package:
    7PR6 + 20PR5 + 20PR4 + 30PR3 + 20PR2 + 20PR1~$350

    Diamond Package:

    10PR6 + 15PR5 + 50PR4 + 50PR3 + 30PR2 + 30PR1~$520


    • Payment will upfront Via Paypal only.
    • Report will be provided

    First five Customer will get 25% Discount and one PR7 link comment absolutely free


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    Ultra quick service... I'm already going to use it again... Recommended
    SEO girl...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChillingBreeze View Post
    Ultra quick service... I'm already going to use it again... Recommended
    Thanks for the honest review and I also got 2 more orders from her

    Anyone want to try my service
    Discount rates also available on bulk order.(You can save lots of )


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    PS:30% Discount for next five buyers + one PR7 link absolutely free.

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    Special Package for this Week:-

    2 x PR7 + 5 x PR6 + 20 x PR5 + 30 x PR4 + 30 PR3=$260

    We use 5-10 keywords and you can send up to 2urls so that we can rotate those urls with the given keywords.

    Discount Rates also available on Bulk order.

    Let me know


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