Hey guys,

Nathan and I have worked long and hard to redevelop an old service that we used to offer. Back in the day, we made hundreds of sales. We're hoping to do the same today.

This is only the beginning, and we need to know that there is still demand for this service before we go all out dedicating hours and hours to make this service what it used to be. It is for this reason that we are only offering submissions to 100 accounts, at this time. Upon reaching a total of 50 orders (yes, we will keep you updated - and this is excluding the 2 review copies), we will offer additional "blocks" at the rate of $4/100 accounts.

Here's the deal: You will get your website submitted to 100 Del.icio.us accounts. You will pay $5. Further submissions will cost $4 (i.e. submitting a different website/page to the 100 Del.icio.us accounts). The total cost for submission of two websites to the 100 accounts would be $9.

Make Payment for 1 x 100 Del.icio.us Submissions
Make Payment for 2 x 100 Del.icio.us Submissions
Make Payment for 5 x 100 Del.icio.us Submissions
Make Payment for 10 x 100 Del.icio.us Submissions

For a custom link, include the number of packages you would like in your PM.

Here's what we need (sent via PM):

  • URL:
  • Title:
  • Tags (Space Separated):
  • Payment Transaction ID:
  • Email Address to Send Report to:

All orders will be completed within 24 hours, guaranteed or your money back.

I am happy to offer 2 review copies, to members that have more than 100 posts and more than 5 iTraders. These review copies are free of charge.

Cheers, and I look forward to taking your order!