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Thread: 100% DoFollow - Social Bookmarking Submission

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    waiting for review first... Hellas, any news?

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    nope its six days already since I made order and no update.

    6 more days to see what is happening and is he plan to finish it. maybe he is sick or something.

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    Ok. This person came and finished my order. Sent me a nice report from which I checked randomly 20 links and my links are up. Again bunch of SB sites for which I never heard which is quite good. His explanation why he was late with work was reasonable.

    Looking to manage deal with him/her for more sites...

    iTrader on its way.

    Nice work Don Drapper.

    p.s. It would be wise that report is sent in some other format then xlsx, many people dont use MS Office especially new one. You should maybe export your list to .html page and sent that instead.


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    any review copies left?
    note: when you replace this, dont use masked URL. thanks ~ admin

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    I ordered a review package (100 submissions) and paid fully on 9th. Received the completion report as an excel 2007 file on 13th.

    There were 105 entries, along with their PR value of the home page. I checked selected 25 manually. They were "well submitted" no rusty work there. He has taken some extra text from the site and entered it in review/details sections, so thumbs up for that.

    From 25, 2 submissions were nofollow, but out of 25 it is not a concern for me.

    Overall I rate 9.5/10. It's really worth at this price considering the other services I have tried. I will use his service again.

    Positive itrader awarded.

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