Manual directory submissions are a good way of getting one way links to your site. But Manual directory submissions’ success depends a lot on the well done on-page optimization.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
Once you make the order, we’ll verify your sites’ details and contact you to let you know if everything’s OK. We’ll start the submission process right away and in the end you will get a full detailed Excel report containing the directories where your site has been submitted to, their Page Ranks, the exact category of where your link was submitted.
How would I know that my site has been submitted?
It’s really simple to know that, as each directory sends an email confirmation. Considering the fact that the submission email (the email where all these confirmations go) is YOUR email, you will be able to see that your site has been submitted.

Do you use any software?
NO. We do not use any software, as there is no software which can choose the right category for each site, fill-in the forms with your site’s details and then copy/paste the URL’s in the Excel report. Software submissions are not as efficient as manual directory submissions as they may be seen as spam.

How long it will take before my links are listed?
A site’s listing depends on each directory and on their human editors. It may take between a day up to 2-3 months and the main cause is the fact that each directory receives a few hundreds of links each day and they all have to be reviewed.

When will I see the results?
Do not expect to see the results immediately as it takes some time to see the benefits of this service. First of all, the links are not all listed in the same time and it takes a while before that happens. The results will be seen a few months after the submission process. Effects depend a lot on your site’s on-page optimization.

Manual directory submissions offer

  • 100 Directory Submission- $3(1day)
  • 500 Directory Submission- $12(1-2 days)
  • 1000 Directory Submission- $25(2-3 days)
  • 2000 Directory Submission- $48(5-7days)
  • 3000 Directory Submission- $70(7-12 days)

Required details :

your email where you want report:

Payment via paypal only

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