Hi people,

Here are the pricing. Let me get into straight away. I don't want to complicate things by explaining things which you'd be already knowing.

Package A :-

100 Social Bookmarking for 1 Site = $8

Package B

200 Social Bookmarking for 1 Site = $15

Package A5
100 SB for 5 URLS = $ 35 (You save $5)

Package A15
:- :-
200 SB for 5 URLS = $ 60 (You save $15)

How to Order :-

We accept Paypal.

For placing orders, you must pm me with the package name mentioned above. If it's a custom order, do let us know, how many sites you want us to bookmark for you - as well as the number of SB you want for each of the URLs.
In the pm, please include, your site's URL, Title, Description and tags. Don't forget to mention your Email ID in which you would like to get the report of the work.

Hoping to do good business.