Hey people,

Let me get into it straight away. It's gonna be different. And I mean it. Its not just another SB thread. Here are some of the specialities :-

1- Once after you order 100 Social Bookmarks, you can go for upgrade packages, which comes at special pricing!!! (at least 20 % discount over the normal one)

2- Once after you get the report of the work, if for any reason, you have any concern, you may report it, and necessary actions will be taken the same instant. If you want to replace any of the links, replacements are possible at no extra cost. All you have to do is - just send me a pm - and I'll take care of the issue the very best way I can.

3- 100 % money back guarantee if not satisfied, if you have valid reason to support your side.

4- We upgrade our list very often - and for the same reason, we get loads of new sites. So, if you're interested in getting fresh, valuable backlinks from reputed social bookmarking sites, you may let us know - we'll tell you what all new sites are available on which we can place your site's link. Can things get any better than this ???

5- Don't have time to prepare catchy title, description, or keywords, let us know - we'll do it for at no extra cost !!!

6- We value your time - you'll be getting full money refund if we're not able to complete your order at the right time.

7- Below is the pricing chart :-

A : 100 Social Bookmarks for 5 Sites : $ 25
B : 100 Social Bookmarks for 10 Sites : $ 45


---> You may go for upgrade package once after you order the basic package.

Eg :- If you're interested to go for 200 Social bookmarks, you'll have to first place an order for 100 social bookmarks. And the best part here is, when you go for upgrade package - you'll be getting those extra bookmarks for discounted pricing (at least 20 % over the normal pricing)


1- Send me a pm with your order details like the URL, Title, description and keywords for your websites.

2- I'll send you my paypal ID for making the payment.

3- Soon after you send the payment, your order will be processed and will be completed on time.

4- You'll be getting report on your email address.