I am providing micro niche adsense site creation service and its one of the unique kind for all DP members.

Here is what i provide

Do the keyword research as follows
Primary Keyword:
1. Global search count greater than 2400 exact searches in google
2. No copyright or trademark violation on domain names
3. Exact match of the domain (Either .org, .net. .com) is available

Secondary keywords:
1. Global search count greater than 1000 exact searches in google
2. Keyword would have less competetion in google.

The site:
1. Exact Match domain for primary keyword to be registered by me and pushed into your godaddy account.
2. Professionally written and highly optimized three articles (350 words each).
3. The site will have total 5 pages. Homepage for primary keyword and 2 sub pages each for secondary keyword, About, Privacy page.
4. Wordpress site with high CTR xfactor type template.
5. Adsense integration with efficient ad placement. (You have to provide me the ad code.)
6. Complete onpage SEO including meta description, title and h1 h2 tags.

Demo Site

Let me know if you are interested and we can have a deal. All this for a less price at $50 per site. If its more than 5 sites (Making money from adsense is all about quantity and how many niche sites you own ) then it would be $45 per site.

Let me know if you have any questions and please PM me for quick response.