As thread title says, I am here to serve you my Special Social Bookmarking Service

Digg ,Yahoo Buzz, Mixx, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Propeller is the most popular social bookmarking sites at the moment. It receives over 50 million visitors a month.

We want to give you a slice of that cake.

Packages :-

50 Diggs = $15

60 Diggs + 30 Yahoo Buzz + 30 Mixx + 25 Stumble Upon + 25 Reddit + 20 Twitter + 10 Propeller = $45

For First 10 Buyer 25 % Discount rate available on both Packages .

Also Discount rate available on Bulk order as well.

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Great work! - As of today, I have over 90 Diggs!

What I especially like is that at first there were a bit over 50 Diggs, and then since then it has grown, seemingly naturally... so congrats! More work is coming your way today!

Thanks again!
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My review: work was completed in a fast professional manner. ayebea was courteous and polite in helping me to understand the process of this. I would recommend the work.

Butterflies Forever

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All Diggs received -- and some natural Diggs for the article too.

Looking at the Diggers, I could not see a relationship between them. They looked natural to me.
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I've tried this service and am absolutely impressed.
I already have 62 diggs and still counting!

Thx ayebea.
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I just got my another great job form ayebea.

Thanks Again!

Butterflies Forever

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Just a thought on his service:

The opp gave me a review copy last night for a new article of mine. I tried his service and had 50 Diggs in 24 Hours. Actually I had 60 Diggs. I received 25 hits from digg. Was listed on Page 3 of Upcoming. I think this is a great service..

If I had a larger budget I can guarantee I would order more often.

Thanks to the opp again,

I recommend this service.
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Ordered a $15 package and within 24 hours, the seller delivered as he promised. I am very satisfied with the service, I highly recommend those who are looking for Digg votes to go to this seller. In fact, I am ordering a second package.
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Ordered this morning & OP already has the job finished and the article is getting organic Diggs too. Highly pleased & will be ordering more as well.

Contact :- ayebea.bansal@gmail.com