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Thread: $15 Press Release Writing Service

  1. $15 Press Release Writing Service

    I am offering my press release writing service on NB.

    Expect 24 hrs to 72 hrs for the turnaround time for each press release.

    I will need you to provide me with the following details.

    Web Site URL
    Targeted Keywords

    Full Contact Details
    Contact Person
    Company Name
    Telephone Number
    Fax Number
    Email Address
    Web site address

    Details about Promoted Product ( Services, Websites, Products)
    Any Other Fact that you think should be included in the Article

    Each press release will be $15 each and I will take upfront payment.

    I will give back 50% of your payment if you're not satisfied with the quality. Samples are available if you ask for it through PM.

    Distribution to 20 press release sites for an extra $10

    I can also distribute your press release to 20 press release sites if you need help with that for an extra $10.
    Report will be provided after the distribution is done within 48 hrs.
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    Your hired and I will PM you shortly. Also do you do press release submissions as well or can you recommend anyone here at NB?

  3. I am back with my press release writing service

    Submission to top 20 sites is also available for $10 now.

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    where do you submit the press release to?

  5. @slaydragon - I have just pm you the list.

    I am available to do 10 more press release today. PM me to place an order!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEOTherapy View Post
    @slaydragon - I have just pm you the list.
    Can you PM m the list too? I'm interested in this offer, and will probably buy in the next few days.

  7. @Desan - I think you should have received my pm by now

    I am available to do more press releases today. PM me if you need high quality press release.

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    Oh yeah. I got the PM. But then I had to leave Internet.
    I will probably buy your service, but not yet. I have to wait for the right moment.

  9. @Desan

    Alright I will look forward to hear from you again soon. Anyone else who would like to get me prepare a press release can PM me.

  10. Can you do a press release to promote NetBuilders?

    Hmmm... I can't think of a good topic. Perhaps it could announce the recent NB Ads feature?
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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