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Thread: 200 Comments for $5 - Client Backend - Report Included!

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    Talking 200 Comments for $5 - Client Backend - Report Included!

    200 Comments for $5


    My name is Luke and I am owner of blog commenting service. We work with hundreds of thousands of bloggers to bring you the top blog commenting service on the internet!

    The first thing you are going to ask me is if our blogs are all dofollow. The answer is no. However, my commenters use semi-automated custom software to make our comments look as natural as possible and we only post your link on blogs related to your niche to help drive more traffic!

    We have been working hard to provide a solid client backend to make our service more efficient. So, if you're interested in getting 200 WordPress blog comments linking your site here's what you need to do:

    Send me a PM and tell me you are interested and how many comments you need done. I will create a client account for you on our site ( and PM you the login information. We work exclusively with PayPal as a payment processor and our backend will automatically credit you with your payment

    These are the packages we have available. You can split them up as you please among serveral links (limit per link is 100 comments).

    Comment Packages

    • 200 Comments for $5
    • 500 Comments for $10
    • 1,000 Comments for $18
    • 2,500 Comments for $40
    • 5,000 Comments for $60
    • 10,000 Comments for $100

    If you are interested, but have questions you can contact our support.

    AIM: commentarie

    Again, feel free to shoot us a PM


    10 Review copies are available as 50 comments for $1.

    I know that you know my name is Luke. I've posted this on multiple forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesyndicate View Post
    i can take a review copy let me know how to move from there.
    Sounds great.

    To all people interested
    Please send me a PM with your name and primary e-mail address. I will create you an account in our client backend so we can work through that. It's much easier and more organized than doing everything through PM.

    Of course, you are welcome to post on the thread if you have any questions


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